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Anthony Nicotera, JD, DSW, LSW


As a clinician helping people cope with various life obstacles for over 15 years, Dr. Nicotera has come to believe that we all have strengths, insights, and the skills we need to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. We all possess the potential and the tools to achieve our goals.

Dr. Nicotera uses a holistic, integrated approach to counseling, providing his clients with insight helping them to lead satisfying, fulfilled lives. He has developed an expertise in group work, mindfulness practice, and the cross-section of spirituality and social justice and social work practice. He has also taught social work courses in these disciplines for over 15 years, and provided pastoral counseling for over 20 years. 



Counseling sessions are 60 minutes long  and can be conducted in the office, on the phone.  Fees for clinicians are determined on area of expertise, certifications, licensure, and experience.

Counseling sessions                     $150.00


Nicotera, A. (2018). Teaching Note—Circle of Insight: A Paradigm and Pedagogy for Liberation Social Justice Social Work Education. Journal of Social Work Education, 54(2), 384-391.

Nicotera, A. (2020, May).  A History of Spirituality, Religion, and Social Work: Using the "Circle of Insight" to Challenge, Question, and Create a Framework for Spiritually Sensitive Practice. In Spirituality in Mental Health Practice: A Narrative Casebook in Mental Health Practice, Chapter 1, Routledge, NY.

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